A new species of Entomobrya (Collembola, Entomobryidae) from southwestern France exhibiting conspicuous sexual dimorphism


  • Rik Delhem Eurofins / Mitox
  • André Grove Eurofins / Mitox




Taxonomy, springtails, biodiversity, chaetotaxy, meadow


Entomobrya fourcesensis spec. nov. was found in an agricultural grassland habitat in the Occitanie region in SW France and described here based on adult females and males.
Male habitus and colour pattern closely resemble those of E. schoetti (Stach, 1922), whereas female habitus and colour pattern closely resemble those of E. lanuginosa (Nicolet, 1842). Clear differences in chaetotaxy prove otherwise, and point to sexual dimorphism within the E. fourcesensis population. The closely related species are compared with the new species using the most important characters for taxonomic identification of Entomobrya species. Measurements of adult specimens, detailed drawings of colouration patterns, chaetotaxy and most important morphological characteristics are presented.


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